You Have Options

Pharmaceutical drugs may not be your only path to pain relief. After reading this, you may want to skip the drugs and investigate natural options.

Heal Your Home

Home should be the one place¬† where we can go to retreat from chaos and raise our energy. Our home space which we surround ourselves is very often an expression of where we are emotionally and spiritually. I believe that our homes are a clear reflections of ourselves, for better or for worse. They are … Continue reading Heal Your Home

Ready for Action?

Most of my clients already have heard or read about the practice of goal setting and why it is important to their growth. Yet, when I ask about their goals or how many¬† are actually written down, the usual responses are ," I never thought about really doing that" or "They aren't but I have … Continue reading Ready for Action?

Alternative First Aid Kit

If you are like most people you have a conventional first aid kit containing peroxide, neosporin, bandaids, Tylenol and a lot more if you have kids. As a Wellness Coach, who is very aware of everything I put on and in my body, I advocate a different supply list in my kit. My goal here … Continue reading Alternative First Aid Kit