“The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system.”

Millions of people are settling for lives filled with poor health and emotional baggage. Not knowing how to achieve the joyful and satisfying lives they desire, they’re stuck accepting a lifestyle of emotional trauma, chronic physical pain, compulsions and addictions, or perhaps just an empty feeling inside. Along with these problems come pills to kill the pain, sleep at night, and suppress anxiety – but this is hardly better than the disease. If you’re like many people, you feel trapped, caught in this cycle. You’re tired of feeling sad, depressed, anxious, discontent, and unwell. You’re sick of the expensive and ineffective treatments. You’re fed up with relinquishing the power over your health and happiness to psychologists and doctors. You’d like to grow, flourish, and thrive, putting the past in the past. You want to be your best, living a life that is filled with peacefulness, joy, and fulfillment, from day to day and moment to moment. With Tapping, you can do that. You can discover the vital secret for emotional wholeness and physical relief. You can take your physical and emotional well-being into your own hands. Most people wake up on a daily basis, settling for a life filled with emotional baggage and poor health. Not knowing how to move forward from what is blocking them from living to their fullest potential, they remain stuck in a life filled with trauma, addictions, compulsions, and lack of meaning. Many find a band aid to their problems in pills, drugs, or shopping, only to find nothing fills the voids. If you are reading this, chances are you feel trapped in these vicious cycles. You’re sick, tired, and fed up. You are ready to shed what is holding you back and step in to your fullest potential. With tapping you can do that, you can “tap” your way to emotional wholeness and physical relief.  Your body is more powerful than you ever imagined, and with tapping you can take that power back into your own hands
EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) or “tapping” 

EFT is a simple energy healing technique that reduces stress and trauma stored in the body. It is a practice that involves gentle tapping on specific end points also known as meridian points. Tapping on these meridian points help to release negative thoughts or emotions that contribute to physical pain or discomfort, limiting thoughts and beliefs and unhealthy lifestyle behaviors.
Based on the ancient principles of acupuncture, EFT is a simple tapping procedure that gently realigns the body’s energy system, without discomfort. Unlike other energy healing modalities, EFT incorporates and emotional aspect to the process.
The practice of EFT is a non-invasive therapy performed with the tips of the fingers, while tapping directly on the energy pathways of the face and upper body and focusing on the emotion or issue that needs to be resolved.EFT supports the release of difficult and uncomfortable feelings of stress, anxiety, fear, and anger that arise from challenging or unpleasant emotional experiences. Negative emotions and traumas disrupt our energy flow within our bodies. The physical changes we feel from these disruptions, like anxiety or nausea, become attached to memories and affect our outlook on the world, until the disruption is healed. Tapping transforms the emotional experience and shifts old thoughts, patterns, and behaviors by helping people to move forward and experience a healthier, happier and spiritually connected life.

EFT combines knowledge of the meridians from eastern traditions with western affirmations, to create a new therapeutic method. Under the guidance of a skilled practitioner, you release unpleasant memories of people, places and moments from your past, memories that have kept you stuck. In a few stand alone sessions, or a 2-3 hour intensive, you can set your emotions free and return to the natural flow of life.

How EFT Can Help:

EFT treatments offer tremendous healing benefits for a diverse range of issues including:
* emotional trauma
* anxiety
* stress
* depression
* disease
* physical pain
* addiction
* weight loss

EFT is easy to learn and an effective technique for self-care, empowering individuals
to actively contribute to their own health and well being.