…and embrace a mindful lifestyle.
    Every morning we start the day staring at ourselves in the mirror. But how many of us truly love what and who we see? Think about it.Do you really feel that you are living your life?
     In a world where “selfies” are hi-jacking social media, it’s ironic that many are very disconnected from the “self” within the photo.  In our society, many are so worried about being connected to their wi-fi, yet they have no connection. 
    There are some who work hard on constantly improving their physical appearances but still look in the mirror and dislike who they see. Others focus solely on developing a connection with their emotions and mental state, yet neglect to take care of their bodies, causing them also to struggle with accepting their reflection. There is also, a group that seemingly “have it all”, but aren’t living in their truth, and still are not satisfied. We must start looking at the connection in all that we do. It’s time to start making mindful decisions.
Lifestyle behavior is considered the main factor in chronic illness, with stress being the major contributor. At the root of fear, chaos, anxiety and stress is a disconnection. We have been conditioned to seek and live our lives outward rather than from within, and because of that we believe that stress is normal and that we should suffer and thus experience pain and poor health.

Is this you?

  • Feeling constant pressure to change or be better.
  • Overwhelmed with the information you have learned and not sure what that really looks like.
  • Stuffing your emotions- always finding ways to avoid feeling your emotions, by over eating or mental activity, such as worrying, analyzing, or obsessing.
  • You are hard on yourself; your inner voice is loud and rarely quiets.
  • You value kindness and love, but don’t always have it for yourself.
  • You have tried every self help technique with no avail.
  • Struggling to cope with your stress and anxiety.
  • Mysterious or chronic pains that cycle or replace each other.

I have seen it over and over again. People lost, uncertain, and overwhelmed by life’s demands. Their bodies and minds in a never ending rat race, to “get it right” and find fulfillment. The list above is all symptoms that are common to people who have not stepped into their fullest potential by recognizing the mind-body-spirit connection. This is common, living in a society that respects intellect over intuition. The intellect (ego, as I like to call it) is designed to protect us from harm, and this is great. However, over time this creates patterns of thought and behaviors with in our psyche that can cause blockages by:
Creating an emotional or mental suppression habit.
Disconnecting us from our true source of wisdom and guidance – our bodies and intuitive wisdom.
“On guard” through a state of fight or flight, exacerbating fears and anxieties.
Creating unconscious reactions and behavior patterns



Awakening to everything in your life, from physical well-being to all of your inner shadows and truths, ultimately leads to the alignment of your truest form of self.  Do you want to know the secret to shifting gears from ordinary to extraordinary? It lies in connection. The gift of the connection, the potential of the power within the mind-body-spirit.Utilize the Body, Mind and Spirit connection to create amazing shifts in your:

  • Relationships
  • Career
  • Love
  • Health
  • Prosperity

I want you to know now, that you are not broken. You are whole. The standard definition of broken is to be separated into two or more pieces.  You are only fractured to the degree of which you believe you are broken. Your natural state is oneness.