I wish I was a bird…

I ran away more than once as a child. Sometimes it was just packing a bag of snacks and fleeing to the woods for a few hours until I ran out of snacks. As I got older, it became a bit more dramatic.  Somedays my childhood fantasy of running away sneaks up again. Not in … Continue reading I wish I was a bird…

In My Head

In today's world this is the norm for a lot of us; a badge of honor. "I just want everything to be right" . And we laugh and shrug our shoulders, smiling at our slightly neurotic- but by all means productive- tendencies.

Epidemic Levels

You’ve got back to back meetings, a new idea for a side hustle, and all types of new ideas. You’re on fire! Unfortunately, fires aren’t always sustainable. The best ones eventually fizzle out, and if they don’t get the right amount of oxygen and kindling, they become ashes. I  found myself listening to Spotify and … Continue reading Epidemic Levels

Gratitude Changes Everything

Little moments of gratitude help take the edge off in those times when screaming at the cashier to go a little faster or cutting off the guy who cut me off first seems like the right choice. A deep breath, a look around and a reminder of gratitude might be enough to change our perception.

When You Feel like You Can’t Anymore…

Keep going. Even when your head is pounding and your heart is tired and you just want to stop trying.  You’re at the breaking point. You’re almost there. You’re reaching the top of the mountain. It’s all downhill from here. Keep going. Or maybe it’s not – maybe you’ve still got miles ahead of you. … Continue reading When You Feel like You Can’t Anymore…

Straight Outta My Twenties

Dear 20 year old Sam, First, let me tell you that you my dear are Pure Fucking Magic! You will forget this at times but it's okay because it will lead you back home. There are about one thousand things I could write here already, but I’m going to try to stick with what I … Continue reading Straight Outta My Twenties

Before I Turn 30

I know that I’ll have moments where I stumble and misstep. From time to time, I’ll surely still experience the old beliefs that I should be more than I am, or that parts of me are shameful enough that I should choose to hide, or that I should have a better idea of what my future will hold.

You Already Are

There is no ending point. We never really become. Adulthood doesn’t mean things stop getting hard. It doesn’t mean no self-doubt. It doesn’t mean sturdy ground.

Off the Mat

People come to yoga for many different reasons – perhaps it begins as a desire to get fit or more flexible, a desire to learn how to relax and breathe properly, or a search for something deeper in this world, that often feels so surface level. Many of us have found yoga as an outlet … Continue reading Off the Mat