If Your Body Could Talk: What Would the Story Be?

Do you have chronic aches and pain? Are you always battling sickness? The chances are,  there is more to it than the physical symptoms you are experiencing. These are all by products of buried emotions that are trapped within your body.

When we say something’s been a “pain in the neck”, sometimes our bodies take it literally. This is because the relationship between all aspects of your body–mind, body, emotions and spirit is inseparable. As well as the relationship between you and your environment.

Einstein stated that all matter including the human body is composed of energy. It is only when we begin viewing this body as a total energy configuration instead of separate organs or parts that we may truly begin the journey to healing. Emotions are a form of energy. According to experts in mind-body medicine, our emotions having lasting effects on our bodies via our immune, endocrine, and central nervous system.

In the last 30 years back pain has become an epidemic. According to my understanding this pain most often originates in the mind. By denying and repressing our feelings, we store them in our bodies in the form of contraction and tension. Eventually they manifest as physical pain. Rather than feeling emotional pain, like fear or anger, we feel the pain in our lower back. At work it’s acceptable for us to say “I have back pain” but we don’t share with our colleagues in the office that we are feeling anxious and lonely or that actually, we don’t know what to do with our life.
Emotional suppression causes system wide dysfunction and disease.

When we suppress an emotion, the energy of that emotion does not go away. Instead, it subsides — it sinks deeper. Rather than resolve the emotional energy through some form of response, we choose (however unconsciously) to hold it inside. Though the immediacy of the feeling may pass and the physical symptoms subside, the energy does not. We hold it deep inside and, typically, it stays there. Later showing up in other ways throughout our body.

Louise Hays, author of the book, “You Can Heal Your Life”, explores the ways our bodies express our thought patterns through physical ailments. For instance, she links lower back pain to fear about money, and upper back pain with lack of emotional support, or feeling unloved. Women tend to hold their tension in their shoulders. I see this often in the ladies who come to me with neck and shoulder pain. Not so coincidentally, they usually happen to hold stressful day jobs, are dealing with stressful life situations at home, or both. When we deal with repressed emotions, especially anger, it tends to well up in our second chakra (1-2″ below the navel). This can result in various symptoms such as: abdominal pain and masses in the lower abdominal region, such as cysts.

Feeling inflexible could be more than just tight hamstrings or hips; it could be some old feelings holding you back. Unexpressed emotions become stored and held in the body and, over time, create physical tightness, stress, tension, and sometimes pain. Therapists and body workers have noticed patterns that are typical for most, but then each person is unique. Each body contains its own road map of past joy and pain. For me, my tight hamstrings are an indicator of stored childhood fears.

Our body is a sacred place and every part of our holy place should be regularly cleaned (both physically and emotionally). If we repeatedly ignore any part of our body or emotions, slowly we start to get filled up with negativity and in process develop some kind of disease or discomforts. It is for the same reason that we should understand that each and every part of our body stores some emotions and we must take care of our body as well as our emotions in order to remain free of pains and disease.

The body is extremely intelligent and remembers everything.

It is a storehouse of all life’s experiences that leave an energetic trace: the scared child, isolated teenager, depressed college student, frustrated young mother.

Our chakras are the road map to your body’s expression of your inner psychology (Asking yourself what is a chakra? No to worry, I will be discussing the chakras in detail in a future post). The chakra system absorbs information and energy throughout your life and stores these experiences in an “energetic database” within your body, also called meridians. Repressed or unresolved emotions cause blockages in the chakras and meridians, creating imbalances of deficiency or excess that are expressed as physical, mental, or emotional pain.

Acknowledging physical pain may seem like the obvious step but if you really want to heal you must honor the emotions as well. Until we chose to bring the wounds into our consciousness, we can try out all kinds of healing techniques that may provide temporary relief from the symptoms of this emotional pain, but until the core issued is acknowledged, the external symptoms will continue to arise.

Real strength is not ignoring our feeling; it’s the courage to know our feelings are okay. Honor them.

It is a courageous act to get brutally honest about what you really feel or to begin investigating these feelings. We can not enjoy authentic wellness though, until the major blocks have been released. Healing requires a relaxed, calm mind and body (one of the reasons Reiki is effective).

There are many ways you can begin getting in touch with your emotions, below are a few I suggest:

  1. Awareness of your breath: Begin by tuning into the natural rhythm of your breathing. This is a useful technique to bring you back into the present moment and elicit a calmer state of being.
  2. Take time to reflect: Make a vow to yourself now, to stop resisting what you are feeling. As the saying goes, “What we resist, persists. Instead, make space to think about why you might be scared, anxious, or frustrated. Its is natural to feel this way, but learning what triggers these feelings can prove very beneficial to your well being. A great way to do this is by keeping a journal or a meditation practice.
  3. Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) or “Tapping”: Don’t worry I will make at least one post dedicated to explaining this practice more. Essentially though the technique is “Emotional Acupuncture” but without the needles. Emotional Freedom Technique is powerful because it works on an energetic level to release stuck emotional energy. When traumas occur, no matter how big or small, the energy of it can become trapped in our bodies. Each time we are triggered we get caught in a painful loop of distress and negative thoughts. As the emotional pain is released, a shift in your thoughts occurs surrounding the trauma. Therefore, unblocking your energy and the accompanied distress loop. This allows the energy to be freed up for more productive and creative endeavors. You can read more on EFT on Conscious Coaching’s website.

All of your emotions were valid responses but its up to you to make the choice which ones you want to hold on to. Are you ready to release?

With a Grateful Heart,


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