Ready to Make Shit Happen?

By altering your way of thinking and perceiving your life, you can dramatically turn your life around. Many of us are aware there are things we need to change but what are these life-altering shifts? How do you open your mind and apply these to our daily lives?

Are you ready to start making shit happen in your life? Here are a few suggestions to begin bringing positive shifts:

Get Clear on Your Desires

What is important here is to get crystal clear on exactly what is important to you in your life. Everyone’s answers will vary here depending largely on the person. For me, having a healthy family, knowing myself,  and building a business I love, are my top priorities. It was not until I just put focus on those things, at a realistic pace, that I began to see change happening.

Know Your Passions

Traditional education system fail when it comes to helping us hone in on our passion, so it’s our responsibility to figure it out.And the chances are slim that you’re going to figure it out while scrolling on Facebook or Instagram.Really take time to reflect on the following questions:

    • When do I feel most alive?
    • What do I love learning more about?
    • What could I talk about for hours and hours?
    • What do I love doing so much that I would do it for free?
Positive Vibes

Just hearing “be positive” when you are in the midst of a crisis, can make you want to scream and claw out your eyeballs. But hear me out, this is one of the most powerful actions you can take towards creating the life you want. Start now creating a practice of gratitude and positive thinking. Daily gratitude practice can have an immediate impact on your mind set.One way to begin doing this is to commit daily to writing a list of all the things your are grateful for. You can do this at the beginning or end of your day but make it part of your routine.

Chunk it

In the past, every time I set out to “change my life” I immediately set myself for failure by trying to do all at once. The perfectionist in me doesn’t do things half ass so that means I put a lot into my tasks. If you try to change many habits all at the same time you are not setting realistic goals and will most likely fail, due to spreading yourself too thin.Instead, focus on changing one habit at a time. And if you have trouble making a big change then start with a smaller one. It’s better to make small changes little by little, than to walk around in endless daydreams of drastic and incredible change that never comes. As you make one small positive change your confidence increases and it becomes easier to make the next change.

Get Real with Rational Self Talk
Talk to yourself as though you are your own best friend (because you are, right?). Ask and answer questions. Brainstorm with yourself. Get everything out. Ugly cry if you need. Encourage yourself and be compassionate.

I have found checking myself and asking myself questions helps to pull me out of destructive thought loops.Examples of Questions to ask yourself:

    • What’s awesome about this?
    • What have I already tried, and what has helped?
    • What will I notice is different if this change happens?
    • When was this less of a problem?
    • What was different then?
    • Will this matter in 5 years?
    • Am I over complicating and overthinking this?

Find Your Tribe
This is crucial to making positive changes in your life! In the past when crisis struck, I would shut out the world and feel lost. It was incredibly isolating because I felt like no one else would understand my situation.The truth is I wasn’t alone, and neither are you. Just because those like-minded people don’t presently exist in your life, doesn’t mean they’re not out. No matter what you’re going through or want to create, I promise you, there are thousands of people out there who want the same thing for themselves.You are a unique and beautiful person, yes, but your situation is not uncommon, regardless of what it is. Whether you’re introverted or extroverted, you need people in your life who you can really open up to. People who will understand, love and support you. When you’re trying to move towards a goal or big life shift, you need support, no matter how smart, capable or driven you are. Accountability puts you on the fast track to making amazing things happen.

Seek Professional Guidance
This is part of being real with yourself. How serious is your problem or challenge? There is a difference between getting nervous before a meeting or a date and having a severe anxiety attack. Seeking professional help does not mean you are crazy or a failure. It means you are stepping up in your life and showing up for yourself.

If you are reading this, then you probably want to make a positive shifts happen. Here’s the bottom line: if you want to make shit happen, you have to be relentless. Get real with yourself and decide now how much work you are ready to put into it. If your soul is telling you right now is the time, start now!

With a Grateful Heart,


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