Keep it Clean

If we recall a couple of centuries ago, people simply lacked knowledge about bacteria or dangerous chemicals. They did not understand the need to keep their bodies clean and to prevent their food from going bad. We may look back at that time and consider it primitive compared to what we know today. We might consider that people back then were lacking in hygiene.

What if people in the near future will look at our time and consider us primitive, because we too are lacking in hygiene? The reason would be that even though we know that everything is energy, we have not understood or accepted what this means. Thus, we simply have not seen the need for energy hygiene to complete our personal hygiene.

Here are some ways you can keep your energy clean and pure, use them in any combination, but please use them. Just as we take care of our physical self it is equally important to take care of our energetic self. When there is is dirt on our physical bodies we clean it up, we should also do the same when it comes to heavy or negative energies on our energetic body.


You can imagine a solid golden energy egg around you as your ‘safe space’. Make it any size or thickness that feels best for you as you imagine it. Add symbols, words or images that represent strength and protection. If you can’t visualize images in your mind, don’t worry. Get a photo of yourself and glue it in the middle of a sheet of paper. Then grab some pens or colored pencils and draw your golden egg around you. This is a great thing to do with children too by the way, to introduce them to energy boundaries. You can also ask your guardian angel to wrap their wings right around you and your egg and invite in all your guides and loved ones in spirit to help provide a warm, nourishing and protective blanket of love around you.

The above are energy boundaries but of course there are verbal ones too. This is where you learn to say NO to anything that doesn’t feel right for you. To say NO to other people’s demands on your time and energy and to start saying YES to you!


Clean, clean, clean your energy. Every day. It’d be great if  Energy Hygiene became a new habit for you, just like washing your hands. As Empaths we are more ‘spongey’ than other people. An awareness of energy, what others are thinking and feeling and a sensitivity to all of life is our gift to the world but it means we need to take care of ourselves differently.

Aura Shower – Imagine light from Source rinsing over you like a shower, let it run through you like a super strong power shower!
Earth Bathing – Breathe energy up from the earth like a gushing waterfall to cleanse your energy.
Rainbow Shower – When having an actual shower simply imagine or intend rainbow colored light running in the water. I believe you can even get showers with color-changing lights in them now so why not go for the real thing!
Smudge – Get a smudge stick or sage bundle or incense stick and waft the smoke around you and around your home, office or car to clean the energy in the space.
Breathe – Deep breaths are an ideal and simple way to keep your energy clean and clear.
Cord Clearing – Ask Archangel Michael to help you clear cords between you and anyone in your life, past, present, future and other dimensions that are not for your highest good.


Having a regular good cry really makes a difference to our well-being. Letting it out. Feeling what’s there. Breathing it out, crying it out, dancing it out, punching pillows and having one of Oprah’s good ole fashioned ‘ugly crys’ can work wonders. As Empaths we care so much about other people’s feelings that sometimes we put on a brave face and hold those feelings down so we don’t trouble others. Time to  look after YOU my lovely and find somewhere you can let that stuff out.

Sometimes a glass of wine and a soppy film can do it, sometimes it’s just a regular moment in your day or something someone says that triggers a release. Go with it. Let it flow. You can even try writing messily and quickly all you want to say to someone who has hurt you, passed away or caused you pain. Write but don’t read it, it doesn’t have to make sense, just scrawl, feel, breathe, cry and then burn it!


Sharing how you feel (without any blame), expressing your truth, your power and your gifts allows you to let go, drop fully into yourself, into your body. Holding all of that suppressed truth can cause an added energetic weight. Letting it out. Breathing out. Coming out of hiding, out of your own ‘Spiritual Closet’ can affect such a healing release. Hiding who you really are and how you really feel keeps you under grounded and ‘out of body’, disconnected from your true self.

Inhabiting your own skin, fully being YOU literally fills you up with you. People use the expression “Being full of yourself” as a negative thing but it is a truly positive thing when it comes to truly stepping into your authenticity.


Many of my clients who have been with me on this journey know that I go on about Grounding all the time. It is because it is the best self-care tool available to us. It’s free, it’s easy and luckily the Earth is beneath us all the time to connect in with.

As I hinted above, being in your own skin, being fully in your body allows everything in your system to calm down. The new science of ‘Earthing’ reveals that barefoot grounding for just 15 minutes a day can reverse many inflammation-based health conditions.


I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying: “Holding onto resentment or unforgiveness is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die” and various versions of it. It’s true. You forgive for your OWN healing. You forgive to release the poison. It doesn’t mean you are approving of the other person’s behavior, not at all. You are letting go of the energy around it that you have held in your body and which will only cause YOU harm.

Just ask your God/Goddess/Source/Guides/Angels for help in forgiving the person in question. Ask for help in letting go. Then decide. Just decide. Choose. Set the intention: “I am now wholeheartedly forgiving……….”, “I am letting go of any pain and resentment I feel around………”.

Then use the ancient and powerful healing and forgiveness mantra from Hawaii called Ho’Oponopono:

I’m sorry
Please forgive me
I love you
Thank you

Say it over and over with the person in mind. You are saying I’m sorry to engage your higher self and higher heart, the aspect of you that takes responsibility for all creations in your life at some level, even the painful ones.

I love to hear back from you, do you have any techniques for cleansing your energy, share below!


With a Grateful Heart,


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