Crazy Crystal Lady?!


I get a ton of questions about these beautiful earth gifts when I wear them, after I post a new addition on my social media, or prior to a Reiki session (they are an integral part of the sessions). There are many ideas and preconceived notions about them, so the aim of this post is to help provide some clarity and reduce any stigma.

In recent years, as part of my own wellness journey, I have been immersed into the healing power of crystals.  I had been ‘aware’ of crystals in my life prior to this, when I was a bit less spiritually aware, yet I did not feel there was a time or place for them. Things have really turned 180 since then. These beautiful stones are now a part of my every day  life.  I even use them with my 2.5 year old (she wears an amber necklace daily and has since three months). Using crystals has been a big part of my journey in connecting with the earth (“getting grounded“) – which is always a hard thing to do in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives.

Even if you’re not sure of their healing abilities, it is quite hard to deny the beauty they bring into a room or as an addition to an outfit.

What is crystal healing?

Since ancient times, crystals have been used as a beautiful way to heal, protect, and enhance the mind, body, and soul. Prized for not only their beauty but for their healing and spiritual power.  Healers, shamans and priests have long used crystals for their unique and special properties.

Crystals are seen as a spiritual way to balance energy—affecting emotions, relationships, and the like. While the practice seems inherently mystical, practitioners do not view the use of healing stones as magical. Every crystal has its own kind of energy—some boost our mood or levels of vitality, some help to calm us down, some make us more attractive to other people, some help us focus, etc. People may want to interpret them as magical, but it’s just energy vibration affecting our own energy vibration. By using different crystals, unseen energy levels can be increased, decreased, or altered to positively impact one’s emotional and spiritual life. It’s a matter of balance—the same kind of end goal sought by people who turn to meditation and feng shui to naturally encourage healing.

How do I find a crystal for me?

If you are in a shop, simply stand in front of a group of crystals, and move towards which ever you feel drawn to. This is always one of my ways to use my intuition. I love trusting my instinct and then reading up on the properties the crystals I select. They always resonate so incredibly with my life at that time or with what I’m needing.

How can I use them in my daily life?

Meditation. Holding a crystal during meditation can help align your vibrational energy with that of the crystal. For example, let’s say you’re very stressed because of a deadline at work. You can grab an amethyst, which promotes tranquility, and hold it in your hand as you meditate

Place stones in your home. Yes, there are specific places I have certain clients place gemstones, but largely they should go where they feel the best, even if it is unusual.  Bathrooms, inside sinks, closets, pantries… I have put crystals in all kinds of places that feel right!

Some say to put white quartz points in the four corners of your home.  If that intrigues you, go for it!

Wear them. I’ve had purses filled with little tumbled stones, I’ve made necklaces to put my favorite stones around my neck… I like them “on me” sometimes, especially to serve as a beautiful reminder of an intention.

Bathe with them. We all know that soaking in a tub after a hard day helps to melt away the stress, so adding soothing, calming stones to your bath water will help calm and relax you after your day. There are many stones that like to go into a warm bath, but caution is necessary, as not all stone do well in hot water for long periods of time. The general rule is avoid soft stones.

Recharge them. Sun and moon energy are thought to replenish crystals of their energy when they get “drained”.  I like salt and sage to replenish them, too!

To recharge crystals in the sun, just lay them out under the sun. I do it for a full day and night, particularly on the full moon to get maximum sun and moon energy.  If you have no outdoor space, you can run them through some smoke from burning sage wands to clean them or cover them in sea salt for a while.

So, now that I’ve touched on the minerals lightly, here are a few more you might enjoy knowing about:

Rose Quartz – gives gentle loving energy

Selenite – aids mental clarity

Citrine – helps you feel into your personal power

Amber– aids in memory loss, anxiety, inflammation.

Amethyst– aids with headaches, sobriety, inner peace, blood sugar

Fluorite–  can help advancement of the mind, calming energy

Howlite– can assist with communication and authentic expression.

Kyanite– absorbs negative energy and can be used to balances chakras

But you do not need to know the exact properties (or any at all) of a stone in order to buy one. It is more important to be receptive and open, allowing yourself to be drawn to a stone that feels right for you!

Start your collection with just one or two crystals, and be sure to take care of them—feel the good vibes start flowing.

Do you love crystals? What do you do with them? Do you have a “success story” from your stones?  Please share below!


With a Grateful Heart,




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