New Year, New You?

With the coming of the new year, comes a spike in the need to set resolutions, goals and lofty ambitions. Are you feeling it?

For years and years we’ve been trained to make lists, prioritize goals and if we’re good, even give ourselves delicious, motivating rewards. Something along the lines of “do this…and get that.”

But this year, instead of declaring resolutions (which are typically short sighted and often fizzle out before the end of February – you’ve seen the gym, right?), let me offer some advice. Focus instead on setting positive intentions!

According to Statistic Brain, 41% of people make resolutions but only 9% of people are successful in keeping them.

To be really honest, I am not a fan of traditional “New Year’s Resolutions” – these tend to be promises we make to ourselves on how we will get fit, lose weight, stop smoking … often quite healthy goals, but the energy behind these can feel like “I am going to become a better person this year” (with the underlying assumption being, “I am not good enough as I am”).

A good intention nurtures your consciousness and has the power to significantly raise your awareness.

To me, intention setting is quite different from resolutions. It’s not about an end state we want to attain in order to be “good enough” or okay. It’s about looking into our hearts in order to follow our path – where is my spirit guiding me at this time?

Intentions keep you  in the present moment, while resolutions are focused on the future. Intentions allow for easy attainable goals you can do now, that lead you to achieve a bigger, long term goal. Resolutions are black and white and set in stone; leaving most feeling as if they failed if they don’t stick to it.  Intentions allow for daily work, ups and downs, and setbacks.

This year instead of setting one or two giant resolutions for the entire year, consider making a calendar of intentions you’d like to work towards each quarter, each season, or even each month (I like to align my intention setting with the new moon cycle). Make themes for your months, then see what you can achieve within those. That way, if you fall off the wagon, the entire year isn’t a total wash.

If you are with the majority and have already thrown those New Year’s Resolutions out the window, or if you’re planning to let things go with Tonight’s full moon; I hope you’ll join me in setting intentions that will keep you excited and motivated throughout the coming year.

Try it Now:
On a sheet of paper, write down one intention. Make sure this intention is practical and able to be accomplished in two to three months.

• Keep the intention  somewhere safe.

• Sit in silence. Relax. Be mindful of your breathing.

• Bring your awareness to your heart and plant the intention that you have created.

• Express to the divine that this intention will manifest itself in ___ days. (You can choose the specific amount of days here as per the nature of your intention.)

• Now, release the intention out into the universe with complete faith.

Want to really get clear with your intentions? Use the meditation script below. I recommend recording yourself and then playing it back.


New Year: New You Meditation
Make a list of 5 intentions –not wants and needs.

“I desire to . . .”

Are these intentions focused, realistic, positive, and healthy?

Ask yourself, what I am doing to align myself with these intentions?

Find a comfortable seat and close the eyes.

Visualize a few intentions that you have set. If you feel overwhelmed just pick one intention for this practice.

While the mind is focused, try to keep the breath smooth and even.

Visualize yourself aligning with opportunities to realize these intentions.

Stay with smooth and even deep breathing.

Begin to visualize yourself realizing these goals. What does it feel like, look like, and smell like. Take in all the sensory information that is available.

Stay with smooth and even deep breathing for 5-10 minutes.


“Intentions compressed into words enfold magical power.” -Deepak Chopra

Comment below and let me know what intentions you have for yourself in 2017!


With a Grateful Heart,


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