When You Feel like You Can’t Anymore…

Keep going.

Even when your head is pounding and your heart is tired and you just want to stop trying.  You’re at the breaking point. You’re almost there. You’re reaching the top of the mountain. It’s all downhill from here.

Keep going.

Or maybe it’s not – maybe you’ve still got miles ahead of you. But that’s what you signed up for, isn’t it? A full life? A life filled with all the things? Heartbreak and wonder and disappointment and unexplainable joy? You’re on the path. You’re on your way. Don’t stop now.

Keep going.

Shake it off, you’ve got work to do. There is so much more to be done. This is a setback, but it’s only temporary. You’ve learned so much already. You’re stronger now, aren’t you?

Keep going.

Sometimes, life is hard and crazy and full of ridiculous shit that makes you want to throw in the towel and ask “why me?”.  You have to keep going. You have to put one foot in front of the other. The only way out is through.

Keep going.

It’s okay to feel disappointed and angry and frustrated. Sit with these emotions.  Resist the urge to detach or cover up. Put down the food, the drink, the phone. Be here. Sit here. Be brave enough to let them burn their way through. Do not identify as these emotions, because you are simply the container in which they flow through. Let them flow.

Keep going.

You have no idea what you’re doing. You laugh when people ask about your plan. You don’t know if you’re even headed in the right direction. You just don’t know. Get comfortable here. Set up camp. You have to learn to make peace with the unknown.

Keep going.

It’s okay to cry and curse. It’s okay to wonder if it’s all going to work out. You’re risking. You’re trying. You’re putting it all out there, and it’s scary as hell. You’ve put in the sweat, and now it’s time to have faith that things will happen. Maybe not on your timeline. Maybe not on your schedule.  But in the way they are meant to. To have faith doesn’t mean you get any less frustrated when you don’t do your best, but you know that it’s not life and death.

Keep going.

As the saying goes: “You didn’t come this far to only come this far.” Take a second to look in the rear-view mirror. Check out the landscape behind you. You can do this. You’ve already done it. You’re doing it right now.

Keep going.

Remember your why. Write it down. Read it every night. Let it be the song you use to sing yourself to sleep. When you’re clear on the why, the how tends not to matter quite so much.

Keep going.

Because you’re not a quitter. You don’t give up. You don’t settle. There’s no shame in failure. There’s only a shame in giving up. There’s honor in tenacity. Beauty in discipline.

Keep going.

Because one day, you’re going to be really grateful you did.

Your life is a sacred journey. It is about change, growth, discovery, movement, transformation, continuously expanding your vision of what is possible, stretching your soul, learning to see clearly and deeply, listening to your intuition, taking courageous challenges at every step along the way. You are on the path… exactly where you are meant to be right now… And from here, you can only go forward, shaping your life story into a magnificent tale of triumph, of healing, of courage, of beauty, of wisdom, of power, of dignity, and of love. – Caroline Adams


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