Wellness Coaching


Imagine what your life would be like if you could feel your healthiest, most calm, confident, energetic and happiest self everyday.
Is there meaning in your daily routines?
Do you have clarity and a sense of purpose for your actions?

We all have a reason for being here, but sometimes we find ourselves stuck on a hamster wheel. When this happens  life seems to be merely about going through the motions. When we are in flow with life, we experience fulfillment, connection, and happiness.

Perhaps you have spent much of your life looking after other people and putting others first and maybe you have lost yourself. Or perhaps you have been so busy keeping other people happy and doing what you “should” do, that what you “want” has become second preference.
It’s time you choose to live your life for yourself. Life can be joyous, fulfilling, empowering, amazing and anything else you want it to be. But first you must make the choice to prioritize your own needs. Many might think this is selfish, but all that is, is simple social conditioning. The more you give to yourself, the more you have to give to others. It’s time to listen to your own needs and start creating the life you deserve.

Many of us become confused between what our mind wants and what our heart wants. One can be seen to have all the success in the world but is that person truly happy and fulfilled? Are you truly happy and fulfilled? Does your life have meaning? Do you feel like you are being your potential? Are you stepping into who it is you were born to be? When you live your life according to your heart, you will always be guided to the perfect place. Stay true to who you are, listen to what you really want, without the limiting thoughts and feelings and then take action towards creating these goals. This is what I can help you with.

What is wellness coaching?
Psychology is the study of behavior. Psychotherapy is the process of applying the principles of psychology to help people change their behaviors. Likewise, we can say that wellness is everything about living well in a conscious way. Wellness coaching is about assisting people to improve their lifestyle and choices. It’s the application of principles and processes of coaching to the goals of lifestyle improvement for higher levels of wellness. Coaching is the alliance between the coach and the client, and through this relationship is where lasting lifestyle changes happen.

Partnering with me as your coach and mentor is the first step in making genuine changes that will enable you to focus on feeling better and being in control of the choices you make.
Together we will work to discover:
* wellness goals
* limiting thoughts and beliefs
* your emotions
* past and current lifestyle habits
* core values and interests
* physical pain or discomforts

Having a coach helps you achieve success. Whether it’s face to face life coaching or over the phone from anywhere in the world,  Coaching is like having a personal trainer for your mind.  There is no point having goals if you don’t have a plan or the drive to achieve them.

With a program fully suited to you as the individual, I will do the following:
* help you to identify personal health and wellness challenges
* guide and mentor you towards achieving your personal life and wellness goals through a healing program designed just for you
* listen to your concerns in a private, safe and loving space
* support you in discovering what actions you need to take to move forward
* hold you accountable to your goals so that you can attain the desired result

During a Wellness Coaching Session all aspects of your life are reviewed from physical health to emotional well-being. Together we’ll address your health and wellness concerns and develop a plan custom tailored to your needs.
Common concerns include:
* Anxiety/Depression
* Weight Loss
* Fatigue  Stress
* Difficulty focusing
* Chronic Pain
* Insomnia
* Addiction

Together we identify the root cause of the issues and the unconscious obstacles that prevent you from fulfilling your potential for health, happiness and abundance.

Common obstacles are:
* Negative thought patterns and speech
* Fear
* Destructive habits

Together we develop solutions and help you get in touch with your own inner wisdom. I teach you about the mind-body connection, healthy habits and meditation. By empowering others to understand the connection between our body-mind and emotions and how it affects our lifestyle behaviors, thoughts, beliefs and feelings – I am able to help people understand how their lifestyle choices can affect their emotional, physical and spiritual well being.
Intentions are set, past experiences are healed and we rewrite the future together by bringing you fully into the here and now. I will help you to create and then hold you accountable for lifestyle, spiritual and dietary changes that feel right for you.

“If you could have done it by yourself, you probably would
have done it by now”
– Pat Williams, founder of the Institute for Life Coach Training