Anxiety no More

Sam is amazing!!! She is compassionate and she understands the body ands the effect emotions can have on the body. With Sam’s assistance through reiki, mirror work, EFT and positive affirmations, the pain has lessened and all of my chakras are open. And my anxiety has disappeared. I still have healing to do, but could not have done it without Sam!!!                                                                               -Kristi

A gift

Sam was my therapist for almost 2 years. She is a huge part of my successful discontinuation of psych meds. She taught me so much about self care and self love. She gifted me with so many tools. She literally took me out of my body and out of my mind many times during reiki and yoga sessions. I will NEVER find another therapist like her. She was also instrumental in inspiring me to make a BIG change in my life and leave FL. She also played a large role in me passing nursing school and passing my state boards to become a licensed RN. -Shannon null


Samantha’s reiki sessions are wonderful. I experienced deeper and far more insightful meditation effect than expected. Refreshing! -Eric


Even as a long-time practitioner of spiritual and healing arts, I am still amazed when the Universe brings someone as wondrously gifted as Sam into my life.  Sam’s gentle, intuitive, powerful work opened those gates and allowed my life energy to flow fully again. I feel peaceful, confident and I am buzzing from the renewed flow of that force that gives us all life, joy, and purpose. And I enjoying my green healing bubble. Sam is a mentor and friend. But beyond that, she is a true blessing. She lives and heals in Namaste. -Lee